Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

is peanut butter vegan

If you’re following a vegan diet you need to know that many peanut butter brands are not vegan. This is because the most popular big brands contain an ingredient that’s considered not to be vegan.

The big brands of peanut butter are not vegan as they contain palm oil. As palm oil is made the rainforest is cut down and burnt to make way for plantations. This destroys the home of many animals like orangutans and damages the delicate ecosystem that is the lungs of the planet earth.

Jif, skippy and sunpat peanut butter all contain palm oil so are not considered vegan.

Some palm oil is vegan if it’s sustainably grown. However the vast majority is not sustainable and unless it explicitly says on the jar that it’s sustainable then it almost certainly will not be.

To make sure your peanut butter is vegan buy a brand that is 100% peanuts or the only added oils are explicitly stated to not be palm oil. Don’t buy peanut butter that says it contains vegetable oil as this is very likely to be palm oil and not be vegan.


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