6 Things To Know About Vega Protein

vega protein

Vega protein is a popular non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and plant based protein shake. However there are a few things you should be aware of before purchasing vega protein powder shakes.

The protein in vega protein powder comes from a mixture of plant sources including soy, pea, rice and hemp.


Over half the people that try Vega powder have a strong dislike to the taste. Vega is sweetened with stevia and other natural flavours but the flavour is a big turn off for many customers.


Vega protein is sweetened with the natural sweetener stevia that is far sweeter than sugar with virtually no calories. This does make vega protein far too sweet for some people and other people have a very unpalatable after taste.


Many people that try vega protein find it makes them gassy. This isn’t related to the actual protein as people with issues don’t have this with pure protein so it’s down to the additives in vega protein.

Natural Flavouring

It may sound great that all flavourings are natural but the truth is that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Exactly the same flavourings can be called artificial depending on the process to make them so don’t be tricked that because it has natural in the name it’s good for you and comes without side effects.


Vega protein is expensive compared to buying just pure organic vegan protein powders. You are paying for the flavourings and the brand so if you’re looking to save money you may just want to buy the raw ingredient, especially if you don’t like the flavour.

Half Empty

This isn’t an issue with just Vega protein but be prepared when opening a packet that it’s likely to be half empty so you may not be buying as much as you think.

Alternatives to Vega Protein

If you’re just looking for vegan protein you may be better off buying pure hemp or pea protein and adding extras like probiotics or flax seeds. Thus making a protein powder that is the same as vega protein but half the price and no additives.

Have you tried vega protein? What do you think about it? Can you recommend any varieties or any other brands? Please share in the comments below.

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